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A signature South Australian experience.

From humble beginnings to a thriving enterprise.

In the heart of South Australia's history, a tale of craftsmanship and excellence unfolds with Joachim Matthias "J.M." Wendt. Born in 1830, Wendt journeyed from Holstein to South Australia, forging a path that would see him become a renowned silversmith and jeweller. His inaugural venture in 1852 on Adelaide's Pirie Street was just the beginning of a legacy synonymous with quality and artistry.

Honoured with a Royal Appointment as “Jeweller to His Royal Highness in the Colony of South Australia” in 1867 during Prince Alfred’s visit to South Australia, this prestigious recognition not only elevated his business but also became a symbol of the exceptional quality and prestige of Wendt’s work

Wendt’s contribution to South Australia can be seen in a number of our iconic locations including the Adelaide Arcade and Prince Alfred College. His legacy lives on with Oceanview Eco Villas hosts Tim and Tamsin Wendt, who house a significant collection of South Australian Wendt history at their Kangaroo Island property, together with the only remaining opportunity to commission your own Wendt’s original piece.
At Oceanview Eco Villas, this legacy of luxury and quality is elegantly reflected. Nestled in the picturesque setting of Kangaroo Island, Oceanview Eco Villas is where history meets contemporary sustainable
luxury. It's a place where the Wendt family's dedication to craftsmanship and excellence in luxury continues to thrive.


our hosts, Tim and Tamsin Wendt, have cherished Kangaroo Island for over a decade. Tim, with his rich background in retail, including serving as the Managing Director of Wendt’s Jewellers, and experience in tour guiding, pairs perfectly with Tamsin's expertise as a Clinical Psychologist, who pioneered the island's first psychology practice, and a phenomenal cook.

Together, their mission is to ensure a seamless, relaxing, and memorable stay. They believe in balancing meaningful and exceptional Kangaroo Island experiences with time to relax. Our tours, capped at 7.5 hours, allow guests to explore Kangaroo Island while also enjoying the luxury and retreat of their accommodation. Their goal is for you to leave rejuvenated with memories of an exceptional and personalised Kangaroo Island experience.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the legacy of the Wendt family at Oceanview Eco Villas, where history, luxury, and sustainable living blend to create an unparalleled experience. We look forward to welcoming you to Kangaroo Island, where the spirit of J. M. Wendt's legacy continues to inspire every stay.