Logo of Oceanview Eco Villas, luxury accommodation on Kangaroo Island


Our 500 acre property is completely off grid, showcasing an eco design, and built with materials that work with the environment, providing a space that works with the seasons, creating a comfortable and luxurious space for our guests year round without having a negative impact on our beautiful natural environment. Every element of the building design and model of service has been considered. We have sought to keep within the “100 mile footprint” so where possible, without compromising quality, 99% of the build materials sourced within South Australia.

Our villas tell a sustainable story, showcasing local products and a commitment to a zero environmental footprint. Entry is through a beautiful recycled Jarrah door, creating an outdoor-indoor feel. Designed with passive solar principles, the north-facing villas adjust to seasons for natural cooling or heating. Waste is managed on-site through a living worm farm system.

Eco-conscious features include a Modwood deck made from recycled milk containers, spotted gum cabinetry from ethically harvested wood, and Viridian Smart Glass windows tailored for the Australian climate. Carpets are crafted from recycled materials, including PETT and fish nets, with a focus on reducing CO2 emissions. The fireplace, built by local artisan Scott Wilson, uses Kangaroo Island limestone.

Local support extends to bespoke furnishings by South Australian family companies—Mathews Furniture for chairs, couches, and bedheads, Built Furniture for Spotted Gum tables. Each cushion cover is hand-printed with eco ink by Ink and Spindle.

Our exceptional team are all island locals, with strong connections back to the community. We also lead the way in regenerative and philanthropic travel with over 5.5 hectares and over 7,000 native plants added to the property by our family, team, and a range of local community groups.



we planted 5,000 native trees and plants over 5.5 hectares, including 550 Casuarinas and with species that are endemic to the Island, and including seed collected from our property and then propogated. The revegetation project will contribute to the restoration of farmland, creating natural habitat for our native wildlife, and also a beautiful space for guests to walk and explore in years to come. The Threatened Species Action Plan 2022 – 2027, has identified Kangaroo Island as a Priority Place, and also listed 4/100 priority species being native to Kangaroo Island, including the Kangaroo Island Echidna, Eastern Curlew, Hooded Plover and Australian Sea Lion. Three of these priority species have been found on the Oceanview property, or surrounding coastline. There are approximately 400 Glossy Black Cockatoos on Kangaroo Island, while they are virtually extinct on mainland Australia. In the 2019 bushfires, 80% of the food supply for the Glossy Black Cockatoos was lost, putting this population at risk. Our efforts will help re-establish the habitat for this endangered bird, and in the event of further bushfires, will guarantee a food source across the island so they can survive.